Application for SIFA membership

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Name of applicant firm
Name and job title of main contact
Name of Compliance Officer
Email address
FSA number
Number of CF30 advisers
Monthly charges for SIFA membership alone
Basic membership charge includes 1 main contact £150 pm inc VAT
Charge per adviser (up to maximum of 4) £25 pm inc VAT
Monthly charge for webcasts £25 pm inc VAT
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Eligibility criteria
1) Firms must be independent or restricted whole of market and directly authorised by the FSA
2) A clean regulatory record
Undertaking by applicant firm: I confirm that my firm satisfies the above criteria and understands that membership is for a minimum period of 12 months and subject to three months’ notice thereafter
Name of applicant
We, SIFA limited, will hold and retain for a reasonable period of time information relating to our members and their businesses, whether this is provided by members or obtained through their use of our websites, and may use this information for the purposes of administering our services, maintaining  relationships with members, conducting research and analysis and marketing our own services, and for legal and regulatory purposes and we may share this information with  our business partners. By providing us with the relevant contact details for e-mail, phone and fax members consent to being contacted by these methods of communication. If any member would prefer that we should not use information for any of these purposes we will be pleased to accept their instructions to exclude this use.