SIFA/ DWF joint venture documentation kit

Joint ventures with IFAs have become increasingly popular among solicitors seeking to provide access to financial advice as a means of enhancing their client proposition in preparation for the Legal Services Act. They offer the advantage over arms’-length client referral arrangements that the participating solicitors can be remunerated by dividend (subject to the JV operating on a fee basis); and they have the advantage over the in-house solicitor IFA model that the solicitors are able to delegate responsibility for FSA compliance to the IFAs.

There are however, a number of permutations on the model. They could be authorised directly or indirectly. They could be limited companies or LLPs. And they could be one-to-one or have multiple participants and several shareholder classes.

In response to widespread demand, SIFA has produced in conjunction with solicitors DWF LLP of Leeds, Liverpool and London, a JV documentation kit which runs to over 130 pages of hard copy and is accompanied by a CD. The kit took over 70 hours of partners’ time to compile and comprises:

1. General overview
2. Shareholders’ and Members’ Agreements
  • Shareholders’ Agreement for a directly authorised JV
  • Shareholders’ Agreement for an Appointed Representative JV
  • Shareholders’ Agreement for a multiple JV
  • Members’ Agreement for an Appointed Representative LLP JV
3. Articles of Association
  • Articles of Association for a one-to-one JV
  • Articles of Association for a multiple JV
Management Agreement
Management Agreement for an Appointed Representative JV
4. Client referral documents
  • Client Referral Agreement for multiple JV
  • Disclosure statements
  • Referral instruction pro forma
Order form

Please print off the order form and send it with your cheque for £1,500 (£750 for SIFA member firms) to:

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