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Ian Cockerill, SIFA Compliance Director - Named Top 10 compliance consultant (New Model Adviser - 30th July 2012)

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About SIFA
"We certainly find that our SIFA label is very much further enhancing our reputation and relationship with local solicitors".
Keith Mitchelson, Investment Solutions, Worthing

" I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the service and assistance we’re receiving from you guys".
Giles Pidcock, Fensham Howes,West Yorks

" I was initially concerned about Simply Biz buying SIFA and that you might lose some of the reasons we have always loved your organisation, however, our experience has been nothing but positive, we are really pleased with Simply Biz’s involvement and that all is going well – we feel that we have all the ‘old’ benefits of SIFA – with more attached mainly because they have been true to their word and let you all carry on doing what you do best".
Richard Shanks, Professional Financial Centre (East Midlands), Derby

SIFA is “destined to play a pivotal role… as far as solicitors and retail financial services are concerned.”

David Severn, ex-Director of the FSA, writing in Money Management

“SIFA are a great organisation, which I regularly tell people.”
James King, Price Bailey Financial Planning

“Joining SIFA has been one of my best professional decisions ever made.”
Mike Cracknell, Birkett Long Solicitors

The SIFA Professional initiative
"Can I also just add, how much we all enjoyed your company yesterday, you were a breath of fresh air and left my team buzzing with enthusiasm. Can't wait take up the challenge now and see you in a few months time".
Craig Gibson, AGL Wealth Management, Glasgow

"Many thanks for yesterday, it (your presentation) was a resounding success for us".
Kevin Ferriby, Informed Financial Planning, Hull

"We were absolutely delighted that you were able to attend and contribute in such a positive and professional way. Your great knowledge of the legal profession and the issues it faces were put across most eloquently and, talking to people over lunch, it was clear you struck many chords. We are very grateful".
Len Warwick, Warwick Butchart, Cheltenham.

"You are obviously very knowledgeable on the subjects and ‘the man in the know’, but were able to impart the information in an easy format and I learned a lot too".
Lesley Beattie, Fraser Wealth Management, Liverpool

" We will certainly be booking Stuart up again next year - and recommend that all members do the same!".
Romy Melville, ProAktive, Doncaster

“The solicitor was most impressed by the endorsement of the Law Society and saw immediately how this put us head and shoulders above other IFAs. I was really surprised at the extra kudos this carried.”

Ian Starkey, Starkey Financial Planning, London

“One of the considerations that got us in front of the senior team at (large law firm) was that we are on the SIFA Professional Directory!”
Peter Ginger, Myers Davison Ginger, Aylesbury

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and for supplying both the ‘About your JV’ document and the JV kit itself. I was able to use the content in composing a written presentation for this second meeting. Some of your comments and contributions were invaluable”.
Colin Hanrahan, Inspire WM

“Congratulations on hosting an excellent event today. Initial feedback from our attendees was good – especially SIFA’s slot, which I also thought was excellent. We are pleased to be involved with SIFA’s latest initiative and feel this be of great benefit to us and our introducers in the future.”
Neil Whitaker, The Goodman Partnership, Tunbridge Wells

“The seminar went very well. Stuart was the star of the show, and his presentation was very much appreciated by the delegates.  Thank you for all your help with the event.”
Malcolm Smith, Chapel Court Wealth Management, Leamington Spa

“I wanted to thank you and your fellow speakers for an interesting if slightly alarming and sobering set of presentations on the future of legal services. Solicitors need a wake up call I fear, so I am delighted you are taking the message to the likes of me and my firm.”
Kieran Fitzpatrick, Mowat Hall Dick, Solicitors, Edinburgh

"Ian Cockerill has been superb in helping me get my first GABRIEL return through".
Duncan Hannay Robertson, Hannay Robertson Limited

Just to let you know that I attended (your Local Member group meeting) on Tuesday.
Unreservedly one of the best days I have spent in many years.  More of the same please.
A terrific boost for me personally and some very interesting views.

Alan Goggin, Financial Planning Manager, For and on behalf of Birkett Long LLP

“Fantastic service, streets ahead of the rest”
Richard Shanks, Professional Financial Centre (East Midlands)

“Absolutely delighted with the service.”
John Houston, Cochran Dickie Solicitors, Glasgow

“I attended our TCF meeting in Ashford last week and it followed almost perfectly the "script" set out in the recent Cockerill's Law - well done! We passed with flying colours with the FSA chap saying that there was absolutely nothing he could say.”
Simon Fisher, Cane Cohen Limited, Whitstable

“Ian Cockerill's pre-visit report gave us confidence in going into the visit and I would encourage other members to use that service.”
Martin Fallows, Shacklocks Solicitors, Mansfield

“We have only good things to say about SIFA and becoming members was one of the best moves we made!”
Vanessa Sanderson, Moore and Smalley LLP

Handbooks and marketing
“I have only just bumped into the Pensions & Divorce SIFA handbook. What an amazing piece of kit and a fabulous education this provides for lawyers!”
James Pirrie, Family Law in Partnership, London

"It (Trustinvest) is an excellent book and aid".
Susan Duff, Partner, Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors, Carlisle

"I have considered putting the SIFA client newsletters onto PSA paper and sending them out to certain higher quality clients. I showed the recent Inflation issue to a professional connection this morning. He was very impressed and asked if he would be able to link our document to his own website. "
Mike Brown, Peter Stewart Associates, Beckenham

"It (the JV kit) was an instrumental part of the process. Thank You for developing it".
Ian Starkey, Starkey Financial Planning, Greenwich
“The organisation of the conference was excellent and a tribute to your leadership and organisational skills”
Rosemary Marr, Worldwide Chair, the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners

“The event was absolutely brilliant. A great selection of delegates, some really useful presentations, the venue was fantastic and your hospitality really was second to none, thanks again for putting on another fantastic event!
David Sitton, Citywire